LTB01454 4 x 54 W T5 1200 mm
460 mm 80 mm
LTB01654 6 x 54 W T5 1200 mm
730 mm 80 mm
LTB01480 4 x 80 W T5 1500 mm
525 mm 80 mm
LTB01680 6 x 80 W T5 1500 mm
730 mm 80 mm
Material Cold Rolled Mild Steel
Reflector High reflectance (option of 90%, 95% or 98%) mirror finish aluminium used for sophisticated high efficiency reflector system.
Also available in luminal mat, reflector mat, or scatter gloss.
Voltage 230v 50Hz
Control Gear Complete with ECG Control gear
Options Surface or suspended mounting options
Occupancy and / or daylight harvesting sensors as well as dimmable control gear.
EMG pack
Features Four light distributions available for mounting heights from 4.5m up to +13m